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Join the next Facebook or Google

“ If you choose really well, and you do find that next Facebook or Google, while it's still not yet a unicorn, you can do extremely well. ” — Dustin Moskovitz, co-founder of Facebook
Excerpts from Y Combinator's Startup School at Stanford University: Class 1 and Class 2
“ If you had joined Facebook a couple of years into its existence, you'd have made $200M. Even if you joined Facebook in 2009 as employee #1000, you'd still have made $20M. ” — Dustin Moskovitz, co-founder of Facebook
That's great, but
It's too late to join Facebook now... So, we built an algorithm to predict which startups are on track to becoming the next Facebook or Google...

Strength in Numbers

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JobSort Query Language (JSQL)

The missing Google search operators. On Jobsort.

java -javascript
The -string negation operator removes results containing "string".
software engineer remote:ok
The remote:ok filter searches for remote jobs.
frontend lang:typescript
frontend lang:typescript -lang:php
The lang:string filter searches for "string" only within the programming languages of results; multiple negative programming language filters can be entered.
See languages.tsv
python tech:django
python tech:django -tech:linux
The tech:string filter searches for "string" only within the tech stacks of results; multiple negative tech stack filters can be entered.
See technologies.tsv
c++ company:microsoft
c++ -company:"epic games"
The company:string filter searches for "string" only within the companies' names; multiple negative company filters can be entered.
php hq:california
php hq:california -hq:"san francisco"
The hq:string filter searches for "string" only within the companies' headquarters; multiple negative headquarters filters can be entered.
django stage:seed
django -stage:public
The stage:string filter searches for "string" only within the companies' stages; multiple negative stage filters can be entered.
san francisco size:<100
san francisco size:<100 size:>20
The size:<uint and size:>uint filters limit results to companies that have at most or at least the specified number of employees; max and min size filters can be combined.
amazon date:<30
amazon date:<30 date:>7
The date:<uint and date:>uint filters limit results to only those published within the specified time interval; max and min days filters can be combined.
seattle sort:datetime
The sort:datetime parameter orders the matching results by date in descending order, sorting the newest to the top; to order results by rank, remove the parameter altogether.
rust sort:traffic
The sort:traffic parameter orders the matching results by the amount of traffic that the company's website gets. It is a good indicator to see if early stage startups are getting traction and avoid risk.