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JobSort Query Language (JSQL)

The missing Google search operators. On JobSort.

java -javascript
The -string negation operator removes results containing “string”.
software engineer remote:ok
The remote:ok filter searches for remote jobs.
frontend lang:typescript
frontend lang:typescript -lang:php
The lang:string filter searches for “string” only within the programming languages of results; multiple negative programming language filters can be entered.
See languages.tsv
python tech:django
python tech:django -tech:linux
The tech:string filter searches for “string” only within the tech stacks of results; multiple negative tech stack filters can be entered.
See technologies.tsv
php hq:california
php hq:california -hq:"san francisco"
The hq:string filter searches for “string” only within the companies' headquarters; multiple negative headquarters filters can be entered.
amazon days:<30
amazon days:<30 days:>7
The days:<uint and days:>uint filters limit results to only those published within the specified time interval; max and min days filters can be combined.
san francisco size:<100
san francisco size:<100 size:>20
The size:<uint and size:>uint filters limit results to companies that have at most or at least the specified number of employees; max and min size filters can be combined.
seattle sort:datetime
The sort:datetime parameter orders the matching results by date in descending order, sorting the newest to the top; to order results by rank, remove the parameter altogether.
rust sort:traffic
The sort:traffic parameter orders the matching results by the amount of traffic that the company’s website gets. It is a good indicator to see if early stage startups are getting traction and avoid risk.


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