Power of Three Problem & Solution

Given an integer n, return true if it is a power of three. Otherwise, return false. An integer n is a power of three, if there exists an integer x such that n == 3^x.

See the power of three problem on LeetCode.

C++ Solution

#pragma GCC optimize("Ofast")

static const int _=[](){std::ios::sync_with_stdio(false);cin.tie(nullptr);cout.tie(nullptr);return 0;}();

class Solution {
  bool isPowerOfThree(int n) {
    if (n <= 0) {
      return false;

    // Represents the largest number that's a power of 3 and fits into a signed integer.
    int pow3_INT_MAX = pow(3, (int)(log10(INT_MAX) / log10(3)));

    return pow3_INT_MAX % n == 0;

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