We want to make Jobsort as fast as possible and constantly iterate and improve performance. We run out of Cloudflare and have over 15+ different geo-distributed and redundant origins. We use an in-memory cache of the entire job search index so that results are fetched as fast as possible. We compress and secure communications between you, Cloudflare, and the origins via Brotli and Gzip.

Jobsort query language (JSQL,) the most flexible way to search for jobs

Did you know that the search box on Jobsort is a code editor that's powered by a custom query language called "Jobsort query language?" Yes, that's right, we built the grammar for a custom query language (JSQL) that's great for searching jobs.

Jobsort Query Language (JSQL)

The following filters are available as soon as you type / in the search box.

Allows filtering by company name.
Allows filtering by 80+ programming languages.
Allows filtering for remote jobs.
Allows filtering by ranges that represent the size of the company, in terms of number of employees.
Allows filtering by the stage of the company, i.e. if the company IPOed, it's a seed startup, of anything in between.
Allows filtering by a comprehensive list of hundreds of technologies, such as AWS, Node, Redis etc.

News about startups

If you stumble upon a startup that you are not aware of, you can quickly click on the news link next to the company name to research it. You will be redirected to Google News in a new tab where news related to the startup will be shown. This functionality is available for all sizes, including enterprises.

No 404s

You get excited about a job, you click on the title only to find out that the job has expired. That looks bad. We get it. So we built a cron process that iterates over all jobs and checks if they are still available for you to apply. This way you are less likely to stumble upon a 404 error when you click on a job.

Dark mode

Jobsort natively supports dark mode in addition to light mode. It honors the preferred color scheme of your browser. For example, if your browser is set to inherit light or dark mode from the operating system, then the colors of Jobsort will change accordingly. This makes the browsing experience pleasant during night time. You will not find a bright screen on Jobsort if you visit after sunset.

Startup growth charts

A cool job in a startup you have just heard about? Cool! But is the startup growing or stagnating, or worse, losing customers? If the startup is successful, you should see an upward trend in the number of website visitors. Just click the growth link that is associated to every job search result. This data costs money because it is collected from Alexa Web Information Service, so please consider subscribing to our paid plan in the future to support development.

Round-trip time warning

If you're using a Chromium-based browser and your round-trip time (RTT) is slower than 100ms, we will notify you to connect to a better hotspot. This helps you debug why you may not be getting results as you type. The RTT is calculated via navigator.connection which is only supported by Chromium-based browsers; unfortunately, Safari does not support the API.