Jobsort FAQ

Do you index jobs from 3rd party recruiting agencies?

We do not. The jobs are indexed directly from the website of the hiring companies. You will not run into the risk of not talking directly to the hiring manager.

Can I get hired as a company?

If you are self-employed and your preference is to get hired as a company (e.g. LLC,) please ask the hiring manager if that is possible once you apply. As of right now, we do not have a way to allow filtering if your preference is to still be self-employed and get hired as a company.

What technologies does Jobsort use?

Jobsort is built on top of the amazing work of others who contributed to Next, React, Tailwind, PostgreSQL, and Scrapy. The website is hosted on Cloudflare and the CI/CD pipeline runs out of Gitlab.

What is up with the Craigslist-like UX, or the lack of thereof?

We are fans of minimalistic design, thus positioning the user experience of Jobsort as such. No extra bells and whistles, just the bare minimum to get the job done (pun intended.)